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Real Estate Agent Partners

Real Estate Agent Partners

As a full-service mortgage lender, River City Mortgage is here to partner with real estate agents and offer support through the entire home sale process.

River City Seal of Approval

It all starts with an accepted offer.

The River City Mortgage Seal of Approval helps buyers get get pre-approval letters that will stand out in a crowd of other offers. Our leadership team backs each pre-approval, endorsed by our President, Nick Hunter.

From offer to closing, we provide:

  • An outstanding offer issued for a specific property or maximum approved price
  • Excellent communication between real estate agent, homebuyer, seller, and title agent
  • Quick and efficient processing with closing on time, or even ahead of schedule

How it Works

Show your buyer prospective homes with confidence that their pre-approval is solid gold! In less than one hour, a Seal of Approval decision with max purchase price will be issued. This is a senior level review completed by 1 of 5 senior leaders at RCM, who collectively have over 100 years of experience in mortgage.

The Seal of Approval Unlocks Additional Borrower Benefits

  • TBD Locks: 
    • Your buyer can lock their interest rate for up to 180 days without having any upfront fee to lock! 
    • Shop with the confidence that rising rates will not derail your buyer’s price range or their confidence to make an aggressive offer. 
    • If rates drop before closing, your buyer can take advantage of the lower market rate.
  • TBD Underwrite:
    • After the Seal of Approval is issued, your buyer can step right into underwriting, even without a property address (i.e., To Be Determined).  
    • The TBD underwrite will save time downstream by squaring up any and all underwriting conditions even before your buyer has an accepted offer.
    • Once an offer is accepted, only title and appraisal will be left to complete before Clear to Close!  
  • Property Specific Pre-Approval Confidence: 
    • The Seal of Approval can quickly be modified to be property specific, which will help solidify your buyer’s offer. 
    • RCM encourages borrower and LO interaction throughout the home buying process. This includes communicating payment estimate via text for any potential home they may be considering.  
    • We will show the buyer an estimated payment based on the property taxes and list price, and an estimated payment above list price (i.e., if they offer $10,000 above list).

Concierge Services

Each new purchase loan is assigned to a dedicated processing team that includes a Concierge Loan Coordinator and Senior Purchase Loan Processor. The team, managed by our Chief Operating Officer, partners with both you and your buyer to help navigate the purchase process.  This ensures a smooth process from start to finish with open communication and extensive experience with purchase loans.

From our initial concierge introduction to the pre-close call and funding notification, we have your back.  Our home purchase team is highly focused on offering speed, quality, and communication.

The Advantage of Teaming Up

We make it personal. At River City Mortgage we sit down with real estate agents and homebuyers to build the simplest, most affordable strategy to get offers accepted and deals closed, together.

  • The purchase team is accessible and available to borrowers and vendors that they are working with throughout the process. 
  • Partnering with both you and your buyer to help navigate the purchase process.
  • River City Mortgage is committed to making your buyers purchases a top-level priority. 

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At River City Mortgage we look forward to building a relationship with you. Contact us for expert advice, direct lending, and simpler loan processing to help you not only get more offers accepted, but also see those offers become successful and efficient closings. 

Schedule an in-person or phone appointment. Call us at (800) 343-7315 or email us at

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