Which room should you remodel first after buying a home?

As you begin to unpack and decide where things go, you’ll begin to notice ways to remodel and improve your new place, making it look more like who you are.

You start asking yourself questions like, “wouldn’t the bathroom, which has seen better days, benefit from an upgrade?” And what about the kitchen looks like something out of Better Homes and Gardens from 1965? 

You can’t help but see the potential for what your new place could be, even though you didn’t plan on renovating so quickly after buying a home and moving in. 

Let’s dive into everything you need to know as you start to remodel your new home. 

Where Should You Start?

Remodeling is a great way to add your personal touch, modernizing your home’s overall look, and adding value. 

When you remodel and upgrade features in your new home, you’re increasing the value of your home; it’s almost like putting money in the bank. 

If you want to remodel, three rooms will benefit you the most and add the greatest value to your home: kitchen, basement, and bathroom.

Kitchen Remodel

For many new homeowners, the first choice for renovation is the kitchen. 

Whether you’ve got a cozy apartment-sized kitchen, a welcoming eat-in design, or separate cooking and dining areas, the kitchen is often the centerpiece for any home. 

Kitchens bring people together. We learn to cook in family kitchens, share favorite meals, sneak down for late-night snacks, and prepare food for those we love. Even many of your favorite television shows feature kitchens as a central focal point. 

Whether for necessity or comfort, we turn to our kitchens every day and create many treasured memories within its walls. That’s why making the kitchen in your new home representative of who you are is so important.

How you decide to move forward with your kitchen remodel will depend on the current state of your kitchen. 

It makes sense to start with the appliances and functionality of the kitchen — things like countertops or flooring — before upgrading features that function but are a little out of fashion. The best kitchen is one you can easily use with plenty of counter space and good lighting.

Basement Remodel

Is the basement of your new home a catch-all for dusty boxes or leftovers from another era? It doesn’t have to be. 

You can make your basement anything you want it to be, especially if it was unfinished when you purchased your home. While concrete floors and walls may not offer much in the way of warmth or coziness, they do offer a blank slate from which you can design the basement of your dreams.

Too often, homeowners overlook the potential a basement can offer, especially for get-togethers or family celebrations. Renovating your basement takes a little work, but it delivers a great return on your investment. 

If you have enough space, you might consider a complete basement remodel or even turning it into a separate apartment by adding a kitchen and bathroom. 

Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms are another popular renovation option because of the potential for easy upgrades. 

While a bathroom remodel isn’t necessarily cheap when you factor in plumbing, tiles etc., it typically offers a great return on your initial investment. 

A new tub or rain-style shower head can turn your bathroom into a home spa in a few hours. 

Flooring, vanities, and fixtures are other simple swaps you can make that instantly improve the feeling and look of your bathroom. 

Also, because bathrooms are often small, paying attention to the details — like cabinet door pulls or drawer handles — can have an instant uplifting effect.

Remodel To Save Money

If your home is older, renovating to improve your home’s overall energy efficiency is money well spent. 

Trading monster appliances for more energy-efficient options can start saving you money from day one. 

In addition, replacing old windows and doors that fail to properly seal or show signs of wear and tear will keep you feeling warm in winter and cool no matter how hot the summer gets. 

TIP: Often, state or municipal government programs are available to offset the expense of making energy-efficient upgrades and are worth applying for. 

Small Renovations With Big Impact

If you’d rather tackle something smaller than an entire room, you can still make renovations to your new place that will make it feel more like home.

A coat of paint will make rooms feel fresh and new, as will new wallpaper or kitchen backsplash. 

If your home came with curtains and window coverings, consider replacing them with new ones that reflect your favorite fashion.

A quick trip to the local nursery for plants or trees can upgrade your home’s curb appeal while showing off your sense of style.

Plan To Spend More Than You Thought

There’s nothing worse than getting halfway into a renovation and realize you’ve run out of cash. 

When you begin to budget for each room remodel, give yourself some wiggle room. This will not only allow for price increases or having to purchase more expensive models that you may have originally planned for, but it also allows you to take advantage of surprising deals or unexpected finds.

If you get to the end of your remodel, and you still have money in your renovation bank account, you are already ahead on your next renovation. 

A good rule of thumb is to have a buffer equal to the sales tax amount in your area. So if you pay 6% sales tax in your state, plan to save an additional 6% for your renovation budget. 

Remodel Before Or After You Move In?

Some new homeowners prefer to tackle any renovations before they move in to have smooth sailing from day one. 

Others prefer to do a little at a time rather than have a single significant expense. Parsing out renovations over an extended timeframe can also eliminate much of the stresses associated with a home remodel. 

Using the room you’re renovating while you’re doing an upgrade can go a long way to making the experience enjoyable for everyone in the family. 

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