How to Find New Clients as a Real Estate Agent

Building a successful, consistent strategy to attract new clients is one of the greatest challenges for a real estate agent. 

Even seasoned agents struggle from time to time with maintaining a consistent flow of clients.

Whether you’re a new agent trying to find clients or have been in the business for decades, these five tips will help you boost your business and quickly gain new real estate clients.

1. Build an Online Presence

If you don’t have a website, start there, because you’ll need a dedicated space to link your potential clients back to.

You can then get to work building a presence on social media channels. Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Tik Tok, you can reach a variety of clients through fun, informative, shareable posts.

Although, you shouldn’t feel the need to master every channel. Start with the ones you’re most comfortable with and then you can expand as needed. It’s also worth investigating which channels your target audience is most likely to use. 

The more active you are on these channels the better, because this will keep your content in front of as many eyes as possible. You also can run ads through these channels so your content will target the right people.

Consider sharing these types of engaging content on your website and social media pages:

  • Informative videos
  • Photos of your listings
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Blog posts
  • Webinars

Find creative ways to keep post engagement high by asking for questions, opinions, or feedback.

2. Ask for Referrals from Past Clients

Reach out to past real estate clients to ask for a referral. There are numerous creative ways to approach this method, including email campaigns.

The most important thing to remember is to look at your clients not as a single transaction, but as long-term relationships. Through social media and email campaigns, you can keep in touch more easily than ever.

If you are new, consult your circle of friends, family, neighbors, and other social groups to spread the word about your services. Word-of-mouth is still a highly effective strategy that is based on trust and relationships.

You also can tap into your professional network, including other agents, brokers, and contractors.

3. Purchase Leads

If you’re stuck and have exhausted your social networking options at the moment, you can look at purchasing leads.

If you’re able to find the right opportunity, you could purchase a retiring real estate agent’s book of business. They could even introduce you to their clients prior to passing them over to you, so there is a certain level of trust established.

You also can purchase leads online. These lead sources pass along the information from people who have expressed interest in buying or selling their homes. 

Make sure to look for a reputable site, though, because the quality of the leads can vary.

4. Tap into Effective Email Marketing

An effective email marketing campaign can take time to do right, but it is a valuable way to communicate and share information with past and potential clients.

Email marketing is most effective when you have naturally built a list of subscribers. To do this, you offer potential clients something in return for their email address. This could be a free video series, ebook, or guide.

To get this free information, they will submit their contact information, either through social media or your website.

This way, you will be contacting a list of people who actually want to hear from you. Randomly sending out emails will ensure your sales pitch gets tossed into the trash.

When you have a list of people who freely offer their information, you can provide them something of value. Email marketing also is highly effective for continuing to “keep in touch” and stay on the minds of former clients.

5. Partner with a Mortgage Loan Officer

One of the most effective ways to find new clients as a real estate agent is to partner with a mortgage loan officer.

With this trusted partnership, you can ensure a steady stream of new clients who already are pre-approved for a mortgage. This group of clients will be better prepared to start the home search and can make more valuable offers.

Plus, you can combine marketing efforts, including social media and email campaigns. This sharing of knowledge and resources, in addition to clients, can create a mutually beneficial, long-lasting partnership.

Attract New Real Estate Clients with River City Mortgage

River City Mortgage is a full-service mortgage lender dedicated to closing home purchase loans. 

In a supportive, personalized environment, we sit down with agents and homebuyers to build the simplest, most affordable strategy to get offers accepted and deals closed.

All research and processing is done in-house by our team of specialists, allowing us to close on time or ahead of schedule. The communication lines are left wide open, with your always-available Concierge Loan Coordinator.

Once the homebuyer is pre-approved, we issue our River City Mortgage President’s Seal of Approval, which personally ensures they are a good candidate for a mortgage and are a recommended potential buyer.

This seal puts your client ahead of the competition by showing sellers this buyer isn’t only a serious contender, but is the best buyer they could choose.

If you’re ready to begin a partnership with our team, call us today. 

We look forward to working with you for many years to come.

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